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Leading causes vehicle accidents
Driver errors, such as speeding, failing to yield right-of-way, ignoring stop signs and red lights, improper turning, and driving under the influence, account for the majority of accidents.

—AAA Automotive Club of Southern California


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Course Outline
The course is divided into 15 units, 15 Quizzes, and the final test. The course is self-paced. Students need to read through the materials and pass quizzes and the final test.

The course covers the vehicle code, safe driving practices, drinking & driving, narcotics, defensive driving, good driving techniques, & driving under adverse weather conditions.

Students have up to 6 months from the date of sign-up to complete the Online Driver's Education Course.

How does the grading work?
The computer grades the tests and the results are known immediately.
Student must score 100% on every quiz and 70% or more on the final test in order to pass the course. Quizzes and the final test may be retaken as many times as needed.

Can I re-take the quizzes and final test?
Students may complete the reading and testing at their own pace. Students may re-take the quizzes and the final test as many times as needed at no extra charge, in order to pass the course.

What happens after I finish the course?
Upon completion of this course, the student will receive the driver's education completion certificate acceptable by any DMV office in California. We mail the Certificate of Completion directly to the student.

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